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MohHinGar: Nutritional and Health Benefits!

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MohHinGar is a Healthy, Hearty and Tasty Fish Soup, loaded with Nutrient Dense Protein Sources. It provides a good source of Fiber, Vitamins, Minerals, Anti-Inflammatory and Anti-Oxidant properties.

To add a new food vocabulary to your daily meals, it is said to be incomplete without sampling this MohHinGar, one of Myanmar’s most popular and delectable dish.

This dish is known as the national dish of the country. Such is its popularity amongst the Burmese that it has held this title for centuries. Meaning, different generations of Burmese people have consistently loved this fish soup.


The popularity of mohhingar throughout Burma has led to a large number of variations in the original recipe from one region to the next.  Myanmar is a country with over 135 ethnic groups spread out over a wide geographical area. Each  region and its natives have their own  culture, religions, and social norms.

It is even a common saying in Myanmar that every Burmese cook is said to have a recipe for Mohhingar passed down from their mother, from generation to generation. The same to us, we have created the first variation of Moe MohHingar, from our Grandma’s recipe. 

The dish is made in a way so it resembles a very liquid soup, although the taste of the finished sauce is very rich and thick. Mohhingar is made out of the nutritious and healthy ingredients: Chickpea, Catfish (any fish is good), Fish Sauce (Anchovy, Salt, Sugar), Cooking oil, Salt, Garlic, Ginger, Black Pepper, Paprika, Turmeric, and Lemongrass.

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The ingredients that are used to make Mohhingar score high in nutrition, making the dish a melting pot of nutritious items, cooked until it becomes the popular tasty loved by pescatarians and the Burmese alike.   

It is no wonder MohHinGar gets the title of “National Dish of Myanmar”. It’s health benefits are great and its delicious taste makes it a double win for them.

Friends …Grab a can and make it to your preferred taste! 

Here is a brief overview of health benefits from MohHinGar.

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