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Global 100 (2022) Winner: Best Authentic Myanmar Foods Manufacturer – Canada

It’s an absolute honor and pleasure to be a part of the 100 Best businesses recognized and singled out in 2022. This is indeed a great and memorable year–after all that has occurred between 2020 and 2021, here we are, still standing, overcoming, celebrating.

On behalf of all our business partners and hardworking staff at A&A Greenilla Foods Ltd, a heartfelt thank you to the EMG Publishing Group that has spearheaded the task of recognizing growing companies for the past six years. EMG, a British-based organization, is committed to searching out authentic businesses worldwide for their unique flavor, hard work, and commitment to development. Please explore the Winners of 2022 across the globe here. 

A&A foods are proud and elated to be the Canadian recipient of this prestigious award for this year–2022. We know and appreciate the strategy applied by EMG to choose global winners. A comprehensive set of criteria to recognize significant contributions by homegrown businesses to their communities and the world in their fields of endeavor. Whether it’s a single individual, a firm, or an organization. 

Thank you for recognizing the hard work our companies are doing to advance the products we offer and the lives of people who use our products and services.

We thank our staff, families, and loyal customers in our Canadian communities and abroad for your never-ending love and support that keeps us going. And to our partners all over the world, we express our gratitude as we continue to deepen our relationships and deliver consistently–an excellent product.

Who knew that one woman who couldn’t find her cultural culinary delights in her new country Canada, could move from just an idea–a concept to have homegrown foods in her home, to now run an export-driven company of Myanmar foods.

Now, we are receiving some of the world’s most coveted awards as industry leaders. If we can do it, so can others. I salute all other global winners and those nominated but did not win this time around. We are all the very “best of the best,” according to the EMG Publishing criteria for choosing awardees.

We continue to serve our communities and the wider world with new innovative services and products that will satisfy our customers and maintain their standard of living by supplying healthy, delicious, and authentic Myanmar foods.

Our sincere thanks.