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Canadian Business Award 2022 Winner! We are Honored and Couldn’t be Prouder.

The year 2022 started with a good news to us as a business founder. We couldn’t be prouder to have been honored with this prestigious “Canadian Business Award 2022”. A&A Greenilla Food Ltd. have been named as “Best Authentic Myanmar Foods Manufacturer – North America”.

The awards is Corporate Vision’s 6th annual Canadian Business Awards. These awards look to recognize the tireless efforts of the industries, businesses and individuals that continue to strive above and beyond in what they do.

We were so excited to have been nominated for the Canadian Business Awards but the actually win one is the perfect recognition of all the sweat and tears we have poured into A&A Greenilla Foods. This isn’t the first award we have won for our business but this one is special.

We have worked hard and make A&A Greenilla Food Ltd. unique in a way that our products comply with the high standards of North America’s food safety regulatory environment. Along with a steep learning curve, we took intensive workload and tremendous ability to rapidly upscale the business.

We are very thankful to everyone at A&A as well as the awards committees who have taken the time to recognize our talent, hard work and dedication in all that we do. We want to say thank you to everyone who has supported A&A Greenilla Foods over the years and to the organizations who recognize us through these wonderful awards. 

Our special thanks go to Corporate Vision and the team for supporting and providing real impactful relationship with our brand through their platform for us. We are honored as a growth-focused business leader for our increased ability to raise our profile.

We also congratulate all the 2022 Canadian Business Award Winners. Please explore all the 2022 award winners, including us on page 39.